Thursday, August 17, 2017

Recap 8/18/2017 - Procrastination and Progress

Hello my name is Victoria Lynn Hall and I am an expert procrastinator! :)

Years ago I read an article about procrastinating that basically said to make yourself a long to do list so that, while you're procrastinating one task, you will be getting lots of other tasks done.  I thought this was a brilliant way to use my tendency to procrastinate to my advantage rather than see it as a curse and it has since become a way of life for me.

So when I decided a couple weeks ago that it was absolutely urgent that I clean my bathroom, I knew I was going to get a lot of other stuff done.

I began procrastinating on that right away by working on making a video art tutorial that I'd been putting off all week.  You can see that and read the story behind it on my I Believe In Art Blog by clicking here.

I also cleaned off my nightstand in my master bedroom and learned a new Fleetwood Mac song ("Dreams") on my guitar.  Here's a clip of me performing a bit of that:

Sometime after that I decided that my bathroom needed more than just cleaning.  It needed to be better organized!  So of course I had to go shopping.  I went to some of my favorite antique malls and flea markets looking for some cool vintage containers to store some of my beauty products in and eventually came home with a sarape, a chandelier and the lovely little table in the photo below:

A new old table for The Cabbage Master Bedroom Sanctuary

I also did a little gardening and flower arranging.

Then I got to work on another post for the I Believe In Art blog, a new "I Believe In Artists" interview with a fantastic artist named Rebecca Maloney.  Click here to read it.

While all this was going on I did end up ordering some cosmetic organizers and eventually reorganized my bathroom closet.  I was so happy with how this turned out that it inspired me to finally clean the rest of the bathroom (well, most of it).  And it also inspired me to write a post for The Cabbage Blog where you can see photos of the closet and learn about five of my favorite beauty products.  Click here to do that.

So you see that a lot of progress can be made while you procrastinate.  Especially when you are as good at it as I am. :)

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Week Of 8/4/17 - Slowpoke

I've recently been working on learning to play one of my favorite Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young songs, called "Slowpoke" (written by Neil Young and Craig Evans).  Here's a clip of me singing the chorus:

I love that line, "when I was faster, I was always behind".

Anyway, I can relate to this song because I can be kind of slow sometimes.

One of the first times I realized this was in the fifth grade. I had been called to the administrative office along with a few other kids. Apparently we had all been out sick the day they gave one of those standardized tests and this was the day for the make up test.

I had no idea this would be happening and felt very anxious as I sat there with my no. 2 pencil, reading the instructions on the first page of the test booklet. I had to read them a couple times before the meaning of the words registered as my mind kept trying to drift away. I had to read some of the questions more than once too.

We were told that when we were finished with the test we should just put down our pencil and then go back to class. I was barely halfway finished when the first one of my classmates did this. Every few minutes after that another one would leave until I was the only one left. I looked up at the Vice Principal who was supervising this test from a desk beneath a loudly ticking clock on the wall.

“You still have plenty of time.” He said in a kind and patient tone.

This calmed me and became my mantra as I willed myself to focus and complete the test. When I got back to class I imagined the other students who had taken the test that day were thinking I must be really dumb to have taken so much longer than them but no one said anything.

Some time later, after I had all but forgotten about this incident, I got called to the Vice Principal's office. He'd wanted to tell me in person that I got a high score on the test. He said I should be proud of myself for taking my time and not rushing through the test like the other students did that day. He told me I should always remember that doing something well is better than doing it fast.

Of course I don't always remember that.  There have been a lot of times since then that I have forgotten the value of patience and become frustrated with myself for taking so freaking long to get things done sometimes.

Then something like a song will remind me that this is just my process.  That I'm slow because I'm taking the time to really figure things out or I'm trying something I've never done before or I'm just not willing to settle for a result that is less than what I envisioned.

This might be why it has taking me more than eleven years to get my living room the way I wanted it (click here to see and read about it on The Cabbage Blog).  And it is definitely why I've decided that my recent plan to blog three times per week was a tad unrealistic for me.

So my new plan is to alternate weeks between The Cabbage Blog and the I Believe In Art Blog and to recap on this blog every two weeks.

And wow, did I take a long time to tell you that.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Week Of 7/28/17 - The Gifts Of Time & Space

In my newest hat

Earlier this week I published a blog post on my I Believe In Art Blog about creating time and space to make art (Click here to read it).  It 's already proved to be one of my most popular posts which I think says a lot about how many people deal with the challenge of making the things they love to do a priority.

I'm very blessed that I pretty much am in control of my time and space and yet sometimes I forget that.  In fact, I was rushing to get some things done yesterday (and not doing them as well as I wanted to because of that) when I suddenly realized I could actually give myself the gift of more time.  So I did that by practicing more patience with myself and pushing back my deadline for my next post on The Cabbage Blog to next week.

I also realized that it was in my power to give myself more space as well and that this is what I have been doing with my decluttering efforts.  Thinking of it this way, as gaining space and giving myself room for new possibilities makes it easier for me to let go of things that aren't serving my current goals.

I was also inspired this week to spend some time making art.  I did a painting to complete a series for a gallery wall in our living room.  I will be revealing the entire room on the blog next week but here's a peek at those paintings:

My newest paintings: "Skye", "Blaze" and "Storm"

I spent a little time in the gardens this week too, when the weather cooled down from unbearable to tolerable.  Here's my favorite photo from those visits:

A Sunflower In The Zinnia Patch

So now it's back to my projects in The Cabbage Living Room.  More about that next week.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Week Of 7/21/17 Recap: Back To Blogging

Wearing a silly hat and feeling happy after a productive week.

So you may have noticed I haven't posted an update in awhile.  Well, here's what you missed: Spring came and I worked in the garden, then bought a bunch of plants and worked in the garden, then bought more plants...and you get the picture.  Or here's one I took recently in the garden:

You can see more pictures of The Cabbage Gardens on Instagram by clicking here.

That was Spring but now it's Summer and it's just too dang hot to work in the garden now so I have turned my focus back to some projects inside our home and, as you can see, I'm also getting back to blogging.

I completed and blogged about two projects this week.  The first one was a clean up of my "sacred place" also known as my art studio. 

You can see more photos and read more about that by clicking here.

Speaking of my art blog, I'm really proud of the "I Believe In Artists" interview I did back in May with a phenomenal artist named Giselle Denis.  Click here if you missed it.

The second project that I just completed was cleaning out my bedroom closet. 

Click here to read that post on The Cabbage Blog.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

March 2017 Recap

A Star Magnolia Bloom Signaled The Arrival Of March

I always look forward to March as a time of new beginnings and it did not disappoint me this year.  Not only did I get to celebrate my birthday this month but also the birth of Spring.

However, before I did all that, I took a little look back at the past and honored the birthday of one of my first rock star crushes, the late Andy Gibb, with a little musical tribute.  You can see the video on my YouTube Channel.

Speaking of music, Hippie took me to see Art Garfunkel as an early birthday present and we both really enjoyed it.  My other birthday present from Hippie was this fabulous peacock chair:

Relaxing On My Birthday Chair 

I love this chair so much, I decided we needed two.  They are both in the living room which I am in the process of redecorating a bit.  Actually, I have been in the process of redecorating a few spaces around our home lately.

One project I have pretty much completed is a colorful update of our hallway:

Hanging Out In Our Redecorated Hallway

You can see more photos and learn more about "The Cabbage Hallway Makeover" on The Cabbage Blog.

Of course, the arrival of Spring means there will soon be a lot of outdoor projects to tend to as well.  It's too early to do any planting yet but I have done a little weeding and I spent an entire afternoon picking Daffodils!

A Bucket Full Of Daffodil Bouquets

I also created a garden of sorts inside by adding what you could call a "spring field" of flowers to my "Springfield" mural in the living room:

I spent three nights drawing the flowers for this mural (and listening to you know who, of course).

The Completed 4' x 8' chalkborad mural

Speaking of you know who, I also got tickets this month to see him in concert in May!  Just one more example of how March was good to me this year.

I will also tell you that April has started off really good as well but the details will have to wait until next month's recap because I need to wrap this up and get back to all of my projects!  Or you can always see what I'm up to on Instagram.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Peace, Love and Art,

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017 Recap

Welcome to yet another incarnation of  This year I've decided to use this blog as a place to recap what's going on with me personally and professionally, especially for those who may not follow my daily activities on Instagram.  Thanks for stopping by.

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Blackie

February has never been my favorite month and this year was no exception.  The main reason for that this year is that, sadly, we lost our beautiful and beloved cat Blackie to kidney disease.  Hippie and I, as well as his siblings Motley, Bart and Poe, miss him terribly.  He was a loving companion, a doting caretaker and a loyal friend to us all.

Everybody Loved Blackie (and we always will).

Hippie and I weren't exactly in the mood to celebrate on Valentine's Day this year but we did escape our grief for a little while by going to the movie theater to see a special showing of one of my all time favorite movies, "An Affair To Remember".  It was great to see it on the big screen and I loved that I wasn't the only one in the audience crying and sniffling at the end.

I also engaged in a little art therapy.  Drawing candy hearts on my blackboard in the living room was another way to focus my energies on something that brought me joy, this time that being the music of you know who.

February's Rick Springfield Mural

Other attempts to cheer myself up this month involved some Fancy boots, some magical new jewelry, cleaning my room and more.

I also managed to get some work done, including an inspiring new "I Believe In Artists" Interview on my I Believe In Art Blog.

Finally, towards the end of the month I decided Hippie and I really deserved a fun and relaxing weekend free from our worries, so I formed a plan to transport us back to the 70s via the magic of music, some party decorations and some other fun items we brought up from the basement.  Thus, Hippies Weekend At The Cabbage was born!

Just Us Hippies

We had so much fun decorating The Cabbage Gallery and listening to some of our favorite records.

The 70s Zone

There were no CDs or MP3s in the 70s so it was a vinyl only weekend!

I even picked up my guitar and performed a few of my favorite 70s tunes myself, like this one:

Of course, we eventually had to return to our current reality but truthfully we kind of live in the seventies all the time anyway, so the mirror ball is staying and so is our sense of optimism and our values of peace, love and kindness.

And like the 70s, Our cat Blackie, just like our other cat angels, will live on in our minds and hearts.

All that being said, I'm so glad that March is finally here.  I'm looking forward to daffodils and the first day of Spring and I think someone has a birthday this month too.

I'll tell you all about that and more next time.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Peace, Love and Art,

Hippie's Shop

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What's New: Many Things and Leggings!

There's quite a few new things in my shops this week (like the above t-shirt) and more in the works! You really should click here to see it all and then click back cause I want to talk to you about the new leggings Zazzle has added to their extensive product line. 

Now, I haven't had the opportunity to order any of these and try them out for myself but they look pretty cool. The best thing about them is that they are all over print which makes them a lot of fun for me to design. I'm sure I will be adding a ton more designs to them in the future but here's a few of my favorites so far:

This just in: I like color! So of course the above True Colors leggings are my faves. They are part of my new Artsy Leggings Collection which includes more colorful options like these:

And these:

Watercolor Splash Leggings
Watercolor Splash Leggings by Victoriart
See other Artist Leggings at zazzle

Click here to see the whole Artsy Leggings collection so far. 

 I also have designed these two more boho like pairs of leggings for my Purple Patina Apparel Collection:

Purple Patina: Mosaic Leggings
Purple Patina: Mosaic Leggings by Cabagelow
Shop for Boho Leggings online at

And if you love mermaids (like you know I do), you might want to click here to see my Mermaid Leggings Collection, which includes cool designs like this one:

I think they would be great for Halloween. Speaking of which, I have added some "Batty" leggings to my Halloween Fun Collection, like these:

Click here to see more. 

 Like I said, I will be working on adding more leggings and other new things (always). You can follow @VLHproducts on Twitter for new product alerts, coupon codes and more. 

As always, thanks for your support and encouragement. 

Peace, Love and Art,