Monday, April 8, 2013

(Not Crazy) Cat Lady

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I am not overly fond of the term "Crazy Cat Lady".  That is why I call myself a (Not Crazy) Cat Lady and that is why I created my (Not Crazy) Cat Lady design.  I am proud to say that this is one of my most popular designs because I think having compassion and love for animals is something that should be celebrated and not ridiculed or trivialized.  So, on behalf of all the cats who benefit from your care and love, I would like to say thank you to all the (Not Crazy) Cat Ladies in the world.  I know you agree with me that "It's The Ladies Who Don't Love Cats That Are Crazy"!

(Not Crazy) Cat Lady Square Fridge Magnet
(Not Crazy) Cat Lady Square Fridge Magnet by Victoreeah
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(Not Crazy) Cat Lady T-Shirt
(Not Crazy) Cat Lady T-Shirt by Victoreeah
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