Thursday, October 31, 2013

Victoria Vintage

My Vintage Photo Collection

I don't have a whole lot of products in my VictoriaVintage shop on
Zazzle but I'm very proud of the ones I do have.  I started designing with vintage images five or six years ago.  My first vintage design was this Valentine's Day Card that featured a photo of my great grandparents:

Vintage Valentine Greeting Cards
Vintage Valentine Greeting Cards by VictoriaVintage
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This card did so well that I began designing more, starting with more family photos and then eventually I began collecting other antique and vintage images from various sources.  In fact, I became so charmed with these photos that they now reside in my home gallery in a display that I call my wall of adopted ancestors (pictured above).

The portraits I am the most drawn to and inspired by are the ones where the subject's individuality just seems to shine through.  Though I don't always know their names or their history, I like to think that the captions I choose for these photos honor the spirit of these individuals and the eras they represent.

If you love all things vintage, antique and historical like I do, please visit my VictoriaVintage shop and take a look at the cards and gifts there.  Also, make sure you like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter so you can know when I add new products and designs.  Below are just a few of my recent favorites (click on any image to be taken to the product page):

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