Monday, January 13, 2014

All Kinds Of Valentines

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it.  Sooner or later you may find yourself at the drug store or the super mart or wherever, browsing the card aisle and wondering who comes up with this stuff.  You may get lucky and find just the right sentiment for just the right person, but then again, didn't you give them a similar card the year before?

However, if you want to be sure to find unique cards that your friends and loved ones haven't already seen before, then you could try shopping for this year's Valentines Day cards on a site like Zazzle.  In my Zazzle shops, and most anyone else's, you are bound to find something that is a little less typical and more creative.

For example, here is a Valentine's Day card that can help you let all the people in your life know just how lucky they are that you manage to tolerate them (Click image to view the full card):

And here is a card for someone who may have kissed a few too many frogs lately:

Or perhaps you know someone who at times may be tempted to turn her prince back into a frog, this card would be for her:

Wine Witch Anti-Valentine's Day Card
Wine Witch Anti-Valentine's Day Card by Victoreeah
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Not all my cards are so sarcastic or cynical.  There is also this warm and fuzzy Valentine for the one you like to snuggle with:

Come Snuggle Cat Valentine Greeting Cards
Come Snuggle Cat Valentine Greeting Cards by Victoreeah
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This card is perfect for the prince or princess who is the star of your very own fairy tale love story:

"My Favorite Love Story Is Ours" Valentine's Day Greeting Card
"My Favorite Love Story Is Ours" Valentine's Day Greeting Card by time2see
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And here's a Valentine's Day card for the one who has stood by you through it all:

Vintage Valentine Greeting Cards
Vintage Valentine Greeting Cards by VictoriaVintage
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Of course, there are many more.  Click here to see the Valentine's Day Cards available in my shops.  You can also click here to browse Valentine's Day cards by other shopkeepers on  I know you will be able to find just the right cards for all the special and unique people in your life.

Peace, Love & Art,

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