Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Product Review: Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows I designed for my deck

Recently, I designed and purchased a few throw pillows from my new Cabagelow Shop on Zazzle for my deck makeover project.  I've been enjoying them for a few weeks now and wanted to share with you my experiences with this product.

First of all I have to say that I really love being able to design my own products for my home.  I have struggled in the past to find accessories I like in the colors I want but now I have the luxury of adding my own unique touches to any room.  

As far as the overall quality of the pillows themselves, I am very pleased.  The fabric and construction of them are of good quality.  The pillow inserts are firm, I would prefer them to be a tad fuller but they are more than adequate.

I was happy with the print quality but there were some color issues.  Specifically, the cotton pillows are drastically different in color from the polyester pillows.  You can compare them side by side in the picture below:

Cotton Pillow on the left, Polyester Pillow on the right.

This color variation is somewhat represented on the product page when you choose the different fabric options but even more apparent in person.  I would have to say that the polyester pillow is more true to the color I intended and expected.  The cotton pillow's colors are much less vibrant but still lovely in their own way.  I chose to go with the cotton pillows for my deck because I like the natural quality of the fabric.  The polyester pillow has a satin like feel and sheen to it, making it more appropriate for a bedroom or a living room.

I should state here that these are not officially outdoor pillows and I wouldn't recommend leaving them outside for extended periods of time.  That being said, I have left them out overnight a couple of times and so far they are holding up great.

16 X 16 Pillow with 20 X 20 Pillow

These pillows come in three different sizes and I ordered one of each.  The 16" X 16" size is pretty much the size you expect of a standard throw pillow.  The 20" X 20" would definitely qualify as oversized which is great for a large chair, a deep sofa or a bed.  The lumbar pillow at 13" X 21" is quite large as well, as you can see in the photo below.

13 X 21 Lumbar Pillow with 20 X 20 Pillow

In conclusion, I am very satisfied with my purchase and feel good about offering these products with my art and designs on them through my Zazzle shops.  I would just recommend that you purchase the polyester pillow if you are most concerned with the color and vibrancy of the design or to expect some variations if you prefer the more natural feel of the cotton pillow.

Purple Patina: Mosaic Pillow
Purple Patina: Mosaic Pillow by Cabagelow
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Purple Patina: Mandala Throw Pillow
Purple Patina: Mandala Throw Pillow by Cabagelow
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Christmas In July Sale

Maybe you are unlike me and like to get your Christmas shopping out of the way early.  Or maybe you are like me and just love a really good sale.  In either case, I think Zazzle's Christmas In July Sale is something to celebrate.  From now through July 25, 2014 at 11:59PM PT you can save up to 60% on great cards, gifts and accessories at my Zazzle shops when you use the promotional coupon code JULYHOLIDAYZ at checkout*.

Here's the savings details:

40% Off Mugs, Aprons and Paper Napkins

Click here to browse all the products available at my shops.  And as always, thank you for your interest in my art, photography and designs.

Artistic Grunge Event Custom Invitations
Artistic Grunge Event Custom Invitations by kchippie
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Butterfly Collage Hanging Pendant Lamps
Butterfly Collage Hanging Pendant Lamps by Victoreeah
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Butterfly Collage Toothbrush Holder
Butterfly Collage Toothbrush Holder by Victoreeah
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Artistic Grunge Art iPad Cases
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Peace Time Wrist Watches
Peace Time Wrist Watches by kchippie
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