Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gifts For Artists

Everyone loves receiving gifts that reflect their passions and interests and artists are no exception. I have tried to create designs that reflect my own artistic passions and experiences that are unique to an artist.

Below is a list of some of my most popular designs and products for artists along with some creative ideas for gifting them.

Art Fairy: I Believe In Art
Art Fairy: I Believe In Art by Victoriart
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I am happy to say that this design is very popular with artists.  Whenever I wear one of my I Believe In Art t-shirts to the craft store, I get a number of compliments from my fellow shoppers.  Of course, it is sometimes hard selecting the right size t-shirt when buying a gift.  Perhaps instead you could purchase an Art Fairy wallet for the artist in your life and sneak a gift card for their favorite craft store or art supply store into it.  What artist wouldn't love that?!

I'm Not Weird, I'm An Artist Jumbo Mug
I'm Not Weird, I'm An Artist Jumbo Mug by Victoriart
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If you know artists, it probably doesn't shock you to know that many of them relate to this design.  I know I do (you can read more about that here.)  You could purchase an "I'm Not Weird, I'm An Artist" Mug for your favorite artist and gift it along with their favorite coffee or cocoa.  Or you could do something a little more unique and fill the mug with markers, pencils or crayons.  I don't know any artists that wouldn't appreciate a gift like that!

Do Art Now, Housework Later
Do Art Now, Housework Later by Victoriart
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We artist types sometimes have difficulty balancing the demands of our muses with all of our other daily tasks and responsibilities.  What better gift could you give one of us than a vacation from the housework?  You could do this by filling a "Do Art Now, Housework Later" gift bag with a sketchbook and drawing pencils or some paint and paintbrushes.  Even better, add a handmade coupon for a day or more off from the household chores or a gift certificate for a cleaning service.  I promise you it will be a big hit with your artist.

Looking for something small to put in a greeting card or to use as a stocking stuffer for the Artist you adore?  A Life Is Better With Art magnet would be perfect for that.  Or you could use it to attach tickets to an art exhibit or an art museum membership to the refrigerator.  What a great surprise that would be!

Click here to see more magnets that artists might like.

5. Rainbows In Progress

Maybe the artist in your life is lucky enough to be getting a new phone or tablet as a gift this year.  If so, I think a Rainbows In Progress device case would be a very appropriate and appreciated present.

Click here to see more Rainbows In Progress gifts.

Need more ideas? Here are a few more of my favorite gifts for artists at my shops:

Creativity Is Served Here Notebooks
Creativity Is Served Here Notebooks by time2see
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I Heart Art Bags
I Heart Art Bags by Victoriart
Find more Artist Bags at Zazzle

Creating Do Not Disturb Mermaid
Creating Do Not Disturb Mermaid by Victoreeah
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Art Fairy: Artist Aprons
Art Fairy: Artist Aprons by Victoriart
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