Monday, April 6, 2015

5 Tips For Saving Money At My Zazzle Shops

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Friends, family and loyal customers sometimes ask me if I can get them a deal on something from my Zazzle shops.  Most of the time, the answer is yes but not because Zazzle gives me any kind of special discount they don't give everyone else (they don't).  It is just that I myself have been purchasing products from Zazzle for over tens years and I have learned to take advantage of all their special offers and promotions and so can you.*

Here are 5 ways you can save money on your next order from my Zazzle shops:

1. Coupon Codes, Coupon Codes, Coupon Codes

It's true.  I have never met a coupon code I didn't like.  Zazzle usually puts their best current offer right at the top of any page but the best way to see all of their promotional offers is to click here to visit their coupons page.  You can also follow my @VLHproducts account on Twitter where I frequently tweet out current promotions and coupon codes as well as new product and design alerts.

2. Sign Up To Get The Early Scoop

Click here to sign up for Zazzle's Free E-mail Newsletter.  In addition to getting early access to Zazzle's promotions you will also get e-mail only deals and exclusive first looks at new product launches.

3. Buy More, Save More

For many products at Zazzle, the more you order, the more you will save.  In some cases you can save as much as 45% just by ordering a quantity of 2 instead of 1 (this is the case with Paper Napkins). The easiest way to find a bulk discount is to click on the drop down arrow where it says quantity on any product page.  You can also find more information on bulk discounts by clicking here.

4. Two Words: Zazzle Black

This one is a no brainer. Click Here To Learn How To Join the Zazzle Black Free Shipping Program.  It is only $9.95/year which means it pays for itself in just 1 or 2 orders.  Even if you think you are only ever going to order one tiny thing from Zazzle, there is a 30 Day Free Trial (just remember to cancel it before those 30 days are up).

5.  Even More Coupon Codes

After you apply all these amazing savings and place your order, don't be in a hurry to click away from your order confirmation page.  Often times you will get a pop up offering you a discount on your next order if you share to social media.  If you are shy and don't want to do this, just close that pop up and you should see another offer where you can enter an e-mail address for more discounts.  I have always found these discounts are applicable in addition to promotional codes which equals even more savings on your next order.

So there you have it.  5 easy ways to save money on fun, creative and unique cards and gifts from my Zazzle shops. Click here to start shopping and don't be shy about using all my savings tips to get the best price possible.

Oh and here's a bonus tip: If you submit reviews for the products you buy you can also earn savings coupons and I get valuable feedback on my designs and Zazzle's products, so don't be shy about doing that either.

As always, thanks for your interest in my art, photography and designs.

Cabagelow Creations Cabbage Logo Promo
Cabagelow Creations Cabbage Logo Promo by Cabagelow
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* All promotional offers are subject to terms and conditions.  Please visit for details.