Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What's New: Peace, Love and Art Fairies

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Welcome to my first "What's New Wednesday" post.  I figured this would be a good day each week to share the latest designs and products from my shops as I am almost always creating something new.

The Art Fairies are usually pretty busy as well.  Lately, like most of us, they've been trying to think how they can create a little more peace in the world. 

Of course they're art fairies, so they decided to do this by creating art.

When you think about it, creating art is kind of like creating peace. I know I feel more peaceful after I make art. In fact, just looking at art also makes me feel serene. So when you create art you don't just create peace for yourself but possibly for those who will eventually view your work as well.

Isn't art wonderful? 

The Art Fairies and I think so. 

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As always, thank you for your support and encouragement.

Peace, Love and Art Fairies,

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