Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's New: Trust Love and Paint The Moon

Here's a not so secret fact about my creative process: I create for myself.  When it comes to my designs, I am probably my own biggest fan and one of my best customers.  This may sound self centered to some people but honestly, if I didn't like my own work, how could I expect anyone else to?

And here's the thing: after a lot of years of thinking I was really different from other people, art and the internet have taught me that I was wrong.  It turns out there are a lot of other people who like the same things I do.  By designing for myself I actually get to discover this over and over again and I love that.

So I choose to trust that doing what I love to do is going to keep pointing me in the right direction.  And if I ever lose sight of that, I'll have my Trust Love design to remind me.

Click here to see my Trust Love Collection (more products coming soon).

Paint The Moon Pillowcase Available Here

Speaking of love, I love the moon.  I love all the things it is and what it symbolizes - light in the darkness, the waxing and waning cycles of nature, emotion, intuition and receptivity.

Of course, I can't always see the moon, so I decided to paint it with a little help from the art fairy.  This reminded me of something important: when you can't find the light, you can always create it.

And yes I love this design too.  So much so that I purchased it on a pillow case (pictured above) and on a greeting card (below).

As always, thank you for your support and encouragement.

Peace, Love and Art,

Trust Love T-Shirt
Trust Love T-Shirt by Cabagelow
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Trust Love Throw Pillow
Trust Love Throw Pillow by Cabagelow
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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's New: Mermaids, Dragonflies and Wine Witches

Welcome to another edition of what's new at my shops! 

Listen, it's 2016. If you are really a mermaid, you don't have to hide it anymore. This is why I created the above "Mermaid Within" t-shirt design. I hope that all you mermaids and mermaids at heart out there will get one and wear it proudly. I may even buy one for myself someday (explains a lot, doesn't it?).  ;) 

You can see more mermaid t-shirts and other fun products at The Imagine Mermaid Shop.

Speaking of me buying things for myself, I did design and purchase a 3 ring binder with my Purple Patina Dragonfly Filigree design on it this week (above). I love these Avery binders. My designs look great on them and they are a great place to keep my drawings, designs and inspirations. I'll be sure to share a picture of this one on my Cabbage Blog Facebook Page after I get it. 

You can see more great products from my Purple Patina line at The Cabagelow Creations Shop.

I know what you're thinking, Halloween designs already? Well stop it because it's going to be here before you know it and you need to be ready. In particular, if you are planning on hosting a party that any Wine Witches might attend, you better start stocking up on wine. It is not pretty if any of those gals are around when you run out, believe me! ;) 

My Wine Witch T-shirts are part of the "Hallowine" Collection at The Wine Women Designs Shop.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement.

Peace, Love and Art,

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tote Bag Tuesday: Life Is Better With Art

Life Is Better With Art Tote Bag Available At The I Believe In Art Shop

I love life, art and tote bags, so of course I love my Life Is Better With Art Tote Bag.  It's hanging on the back of my art studio door, waiting for me to take it to the craft store or out to the art museum.  If you haven't been to either of those places lately, you should go soon.  Because life really is better with art, whether you're making it or just looking at it.  

And life is better with tote bags too.  Click here to check out more artsy tote bags in my Tote Bags For Artist collection or click here to see more products from my Life Is Better With Art line.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace, Love and Art,

Life Is Better With Art Tote Bag
Life Is Better With Art Tote Bag by Victoriart
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Life Is Better With Art Bumper Sticker
Life Is Better With Art Bumper Sticker by Victoriart
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