Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What's New: She refused to take any crap, so he gave her the moon...

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Did you hear that I went on a really successful flea market shopping spree last week? I've been bragging about it on Instagram and on The Cabbage Blog.  I got a lot of cool stuff including some really fantastic antique photography portraits which I collect and use in my designs for my VictoriaVintage Shop on Zazzle.

Two of these most recent treasures have already found their way into greeting cards.  Here's the first one:

It says, "She refused to take any crap and soon the world stopped offering it to her."

The woman in the photo just looks like a bad ass to me, so I think this phrase suits her.  I think perhaps like most of us, it took her awhile to get fed up with other people's nonsense and start drawing some clear boundaries for herself but once she did things really started to turn around for her.

And though the photograph in the next card was probably taken at least a decade before hers was, I kind of like to think she somehow met up with this guy:

Doesn't he look like the charming and nice kind of fella she deserves?  His caption reads, "When he gave her his heart, he gave her the moon."  You know, because he appears to be sitting on a paper moon and also because us gals really do feel like we've been given the moon and the stars when someone trusts us with their heart.

So there you have it, A vintage love story.

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Thanks for stopping by this week.  I truly appreciate it.

Peace, Love and Art,

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