Friday, July 28, 2017

Week Of 7/28/17 - The Gifts Of Time & Space

In my newest hat

Earlier this week I published a blog post on my I Believe In Art Blog about creating time and space to make art (Click here to read it).  It 's already proved to be one of my most popular posts which I think says a lot about how many people deal with the challenge of making the things they love to do a priority.

I'm very blessed that I pretty much am in control of my time and space and yet sometimes I forget that.  In fact, I was rushing to get some things done yesterday (and not doing them as well as I wanted to because of that) when I suddenly realized I could actually give myself the gift of more time.  So I did that by practicing more patience with myself and pushing back my deadline for my next post on The Cabbage Blog to next week.

I also realized that it was in my power to give myself more space as well and that this is what I have been doing with my decluttering efforts.  Thinking of it this way, as gaining space and giving myself room for new possibilities makes it easier for me to let go of things that aren't serving my current goals.

I was also inspired this week to spend some time making art.  I did a painting to complete a series for a gallery wall in our living room.  I will be revealing the entire room on the blog next week but here's a peek at those paintings:

My newest paintings: "Skye", "Blaze" and "Storm"

I spent a little time in the gardens this week too, when the weather cooled down from unbearable to tolerable.  Here's my favorite photo from those visits:

A Sunflower In The Zinnia Patch

So now it's back to my projects in The Cabbage Living Room.  More about that next week.

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  1. It's amazing how you keep the motivation for all you love. You're a star ⭐️