Monday, July 1, 2019

A Personal Story (Not A Political Rant)

Resting Witch Face

This is a personal story, not a political rant. However, I am hurt and angry right now and these feelings just happen to have been triggered by the appearance of Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson on last week's televised Democratic Debate and how she was treated then and subsequently by the media and many casual observers.

I admire Marianne Williamson very much but that is not why I am upset. I am upset because I identify with her. When she was basically ignored for the first 30+ minutes of the debate, I saw myself in Middle School being denied a voice and opportunities to participate because I wasn't “popular”. When I read a comment posted on Facebook during the debate comparing her to an SCTV character, I remembered all the times I've been made fun of because I am different. When published the article “11 Absolutely Bonkers Things You Should Know About Marianne Williamson”, it reminded me of how members of my own family would point out all my faults and worst moments to distract and discredit me whenever I tried to get them to focus on the real dysfunctions that were occurring among us. And when that same publication and so many other outlets and people chose to characterize her as some fairy dust sprinkling, crystal worshiping, sage burning, hippie witch because she is a spiritual leader who dared to talk about the forces of love versus fear in a political debate, I could easily recall all the snickering and derision I've experienced for being a spiritual seeker and a deep thinker.

Did I mention I was hurt and angry? I am and probably have been for most of my life. However what really pisses me off and scares me is that I thought things had changed. Maybe it is because I have insulated myself too much within my tribe of like minded individuals but I thought that Middle School world was behind me. I thought the world I live in now was moving towards embracing or at least tolerating peoples' differences. And I guess the popularity of philosophers' quotes and Woodstock generation memes on the internet gave me the mistaken impression that it was okay to talk about peace and love in public forums these days without being ridiculed. Also, I could have sworn the days of calling women witches to demonize and discredit them had ended with the Salem Witch Trials. Either I was wrong or we have backslid as a society even more than I realized.

I am sure there will be people who read this and think I am taking this too seriously. I disagree. I don't think I have taken these issues or occurrences seriously enough until this moment. I think I have allowed this kind of behavior to silence and subdue me to an extent that I wasn't even aware of before now.

So let's get one thing straight: Marianne Williamson is not a fairy dust sprinkling, crystal worshiping, sage burning, hippie witch but I am and I'm not taking anyone's crap anymore.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Peace and Love,

PS: If you want to know what Marianne Williamson really stands for, please read the issues page on her website: