Friday, July 5, 2019

What's Old Is New Again

My darling Hippie husband is great about supporting whatever I do but not always forthcoming about his own opinions. So I asked him the other night what he really thinks about Marianne Williamson and her campaign for President and he said he thought she made a lot of sense but he wasn't as confident as I was she could win the nomination because, "people are resistant to new ideas," and then before I could respond, he added thoughtfully, "though her ideas are really old ideas." And that is so true! Her message isn't new, it's as old as this country is. And if you think it's radical now, imagine how radical it was in 1776 or during the times leading up to the civil war or the suffragette movement or the civil rights movement. Anyway, she says it better than I can so I urge you to watch her moving speech posted below. Thank you.

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