Friday, August 9, 2019

Marianne Gets It (Music Video)

Here is a video of me performing a song I wrote about presidential candidate Marianne Williamson called "Marianne Gets It":

Here's the lyrics:

Marianne gets it
Cause she gets deep
No dark, psychic forces
Are gonna catch her asleep

Marianne gets it
She's wise and she's strong
And when faced with a challenge
She says, "Girlfriend, you're on!"

Marianne gets it
She knows what we need
A politics of love
Not a politics of greed

Marianne gets it
And if you get it too
Got to
And you'll know what to do

And here's the story behind it:

You may have gotten a clue lately that I am a strong supporter of Marianne Williamson's campaign for President Of The United States.  I've never been that active in the realm of politics before but that was my mistake and one I think many people in this country are owning up to now that we are seeing the consequences of that neglect.  Supporting Marianne in whatever way I possibly can is my atonement for that lapse and I truly believe it is our best chance as citizens to get our democracy back on track. So not only have I been donating to her campaign and writing these blogs but I've been very active on social media and basically have been telling anyone who is kind enough to listen why I think she is the leader this country needs right now.

However, there was one thing I hadn't done before now and that was make a video to convey this and I actually wasn't planning to.  Many of my fellow Marianne supporters have made these kinds of videos, including celebrities (I love this one by Russell Brand).  I told myself that was enough and I should just stay in my lane but the truth is I was terrified and when I realized that I knew I had to face my fears and do this for the campaign and for myself.

So recently I spent a lot of time trying to do this but it just wasn't happening.  I kept getting tongue tied and felt stupid and self conscious.  I was worried too much about what people would think and trying to convey all of my thoughts succinctly. Finally, I took a break and meditated to clear my head and then opened my journal and just started jotting down random thoughts about Marianne without judgment.  One of the first phrases I wrote was something a fellow supporter named Jane had said in her video about Marianne: She gets it! And then a breakthrough occurred and I found myself writing the song I'm performing in the video above.  I let myself have fun with it but I hope people can see the love and reverence with which it was made.  If you like it, you could show your appreciation by donating a least a dollar to the Marianne 2020 campaign at:

Thank you for reading and watching.

Love will win,

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